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I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the GVA-TWN web site. The "Qty. Available" feature allows us to keep all of our inventory at reasonable levels without guess work and allows us to plan sufficiently ahead for deliveries. The search feature is robust and quickly allows me to find my items by category, studio, or manufacturer. I particularly enjoy the "New Release" feature which allows me first chance at all of the new items whiled scanning the "Discontinued" section allows me at a glance to scan for items the manufacturers may no longer carry. The ability to save multiple "Shopping Carts" is the best feature however. I can utilize this to put all my best selling products into 1 cart and quickly scan the "Qty. Available" and re-order on the spot. I can utilize multiple carts for this and group all my inventory by categories so I can assure myself of never running out of product while allowing us to better balance our purchases by utilizing your warehouse space for my items.
The site is excellent all around and has consistently saved our company money and resources and improved our bottom line. In today's business world, you have to react to changes quicker then the competition while keeping overhead at acceptable levels and utilizing the GVA-TWN allows us to do just that!
Keep up the great work!
Dave from ALD Services - Intimate Expressions, NY
Thank you. I've bought exclusively from GVA-TWN for years now and I'll never go anywhere else. They make my life easier. Itís been almost 10 years since you introduced me to PECASH that helped me start and maintain a great adult store online. I could not have done it without you guys. You have helped me make a lot of CASH over the years & I really appreciate all your company has done over the years.
Hope to be with you for many more years to come.
Bill from Video & News, NY
Excellent service and dedication to the customer. Always willing to react to the customerís needs.
John J from West Market, Cleveland, OH
Our store has special needs for gay products. GVA-TWN always listens to what my customers have asked for and provides for my needs.
Dino from W9th St. Books and News, Cleveland, OH
I've bought from GVA-TWN for nearly 20 years. My account rep has changed once in all that time. They make life real easy for me as I can order all I need from one source. Thanks GVA-TWN!
Eddie from G&L Video, Toledo, OH

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